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Take up procrastinating

Give up running.
Well, if you insist.
(lmao Stefan’s is also give up running)

Take up complaining.
…. no, you dont want that.



Take up procrastinating


Give up running.

Well, if you insist.

(lmao Stefan’s is also give up running)

Take up complaining.

…. no, you dont want that.

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    Give up gardening??? I DON’T GARDEN THO
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    Give up gossip mags… ok
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    Give up napping…I think not
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    Give up Healthy Eating? If I must. :D
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    Give up running. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME! (I know it’s not New Years, I’m just trolling through my friend’s account)
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    Give Up Fast Food? FUCK THAT. I ain’t given up my Taco Bell or McDonalds.
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    Give Up Chocolate Hhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa no
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    Give up healthy eating Oh my god pls no I can hardly stomach much American food to begin with
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    give up running ok thats fine
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    Give up walking: done!
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    (Take up chocolate. Waaayy ahead of you.) Give up take up chocolate. Ermm….
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    Take up sweets lol
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    Take up… napping?
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    Take up chocolate.. Well okay!
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    give up complaining. how about fuck you.
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    Give up helthy (sic) eating? Aw well.
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    “Take up fast food”. Watch out, Wendy’s, because here I come!
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    much, so i got rid...the words with it. Thought this was a funny post so im gunna repost...
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    Give up napping. But I don’t nap. LOL. OKAY.
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    “Take up Tidying” my room is pretty messy though
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